No. 10

Posted: July 4, 2019 in literary journal

Our long-awaited issue no. 10 is now in progress, soon to be filled with a six-year brew of poetry, prose, art, music, and plays, starting with this work from artist Nancy Wolitzer, I Fell Asleep in the Sea.


No Survivors by Adele DeWitt
On the Radio by Sheila Desmond
Drops of Reflections by Mary Lahti
Creak of the Floorboard by Nicca Ray
Wandering the Forbidden & Forgotten by Bart Plantenga
NYC by Adele DeWitt
Trees by Alan Magill
Coming Home by Brian L. Hurrel
Visit to Pagan by Sheila Desmond
Just for Now by Lori Stone Handelman
I Fell Asleep in the Sea by Nancy Wolitzer





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