No. 10

Posted: July 4, 2019 in literary journal

Our long-awaited issue no. 10 is now here, filled with a six-year brew of poetry, prose, art, music, and plays, starting with this work from artist Nancy Wolitzer, I Fell Asleep in the Sea.


Acrylic on gessoboard, 13.5 x 13.5 inches, 2017

The issue is dedicated to Winnie Strathmann, a dear friend who we lost this year. Winnie’s haunting stories have been in many issues of the Linear. One of the last pieces he wrote is included within (“The Last Move”), as well as a portrait of him (“Winnie”) by his wife, artist Mila Dau.

No Survivors by Adele DeWitt
On the Radio by Sheila Desmond
Drops of Reflections by Mary Lahti
The Malayan Arts Theatre Group by Christine Tomlinson
Drawing Lili’u by Lynda Crawford, with drawings by Ellen Bellerose
Untitled by Moses Hoskins
Where Are We All Going? by Jon Pierson
Wandering the Forbidden & Forgotten by Bart Plantenga
Espirit 4 by Tristan Wolski
Outwitting GPS by Alan Magill
NYC by Adele DeWitt
City Ballet by Billy Crosby
Coming Home by Brian L. Hurrel
Korn by Nora Pierson
Riley’s Old Lady by Pat Morris
Joni by Nora Pierson
Trees by Alan Magill
Madagascar Palm: pachypodium-lamerei by Ellen LaForge
Waterfall by Gloria DiStefano
Visit to Pagan by Sheila Desmond
Bullfrog in Pond by George Kmetz
Just for Now by Lori Stone Handelman
Untitled 2 by Moses Hoskins
A Family Resemblance by Jerri Hurlbutt
Winnie by Mila Dau
The Last Move by Winfried Strathmann
Apart by Robert Mitchell
Stardust by Nicholas Liu
Worst Year Ever by Catherine Butterfield
Parachute Jump in the Rain by Deborah Matlack
Careful by Jonathan Billig
Espirit 1 by Tristan Wolski
Four Poems by Sanjeev Sethi
Dating in the Dark by Joe Kane
The Lovers by Billy Crosby
Fly by Michael Graves
Poem to a Young Crush by Mafa Edwards
Ars Nova by Nora Pierson
Creak of the Floorboard by Nicca Ray
Three-Sided Cup by Renna Zimmer
Day Dew Dream of a Girl in Her Snow Globe World by Nicca Ray
Redemption by Nancy Wolitzer
The Gift by Reneé Flemings
Happy Birthday, Uterus! by Jerri Hurlbutt
Broken Humerus by Mafa Edwards
Secretary to a Diva by Kenneth Keith
Left for Dead by April Andres and Susan Conrad
The Hall of Justice by Robert Griffith
A First-Hand Glimpse at NYC Jurisprudence / or Oblique Slight Adventures in Civics / or Inconveniences of a Malcontent by Moses Hoskins
Beautiful Woman Carrying Water Jug and Native American Man by Leeworth Bruce Brown
Peter’s Saturday Morning by Eva White
You Belong Among the Wildflowers by Jennifer Stein
Pastiche by Pat Morris
Seagull by Richard Tomlinson
Twenty-Eight Octobers by Lynda Crawford
Hush-a-bye by Gabriella
Strange Light by Nancy Wolitzer

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