From Bad to Verse

by Eugene Chand

The dye was cast, the clouds amassed
Belayed the truth, a dire forecast
The roiling clouds spread out like shrouds
Lightening streaked the thunder loud
The evil eye spied out the prey
Untethered were the fiends arrayed
The daggers drawn, colors displayed
The holy men bowed down and prayed
The one-eyed-Jack kept looking back
Sizzling fire escaped the crack
Gory visions filled with dread
The stormy eye was overhead
The billowing sails now torn to shreds
Ominous were the the thunder heads
The rocks invisible to the eye
Predicted “One was sure to die”
Cannons spewed forth death and flame
Shattered timbers, cries of pain
The battle rages on and on
Brain numbed and strength all gone
This was just your normal fray
Yesterday is gone today

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