Day Dew Dream of a Girl in Her Snow Globe World

by Nicca Ray

I thought I thought I thought I could dream my way out from behind the glass
Into into into the boulevards where glitter falls from the sky
where pockmarked roads masquerade as crystal balls
and the future holds you out for me
to run into your arms
to feel your breath on my neck
to realize I’ve been saved.

Falling falling falling falling
Falling from the sky

I press my lips on the glass a window to tumble through
My breath rap rap rapping
Come to me come to me come to me
I’m dying

The dome was so small
A miniature world
I could easily inhabit
I thought thought thought
Until the moisture was sucked out
The heat began to rise
And no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t breathe.

Gasping grasping I mean I’m gasping I’m aghast I mean I’m grasping I mean I’m reaching
You are falling from the sky a million tiny stars
You are the somersault internal eternal eternally disrupting calm

I crawl to you to the border to the edge to the periphery to the sea to the globe to the moon
My knees are scraped my hands are blistered my feet swollen my tongue bleeding
I am spilling out into the streets a running disaster not fit for life or love a gurgling newborn awaiting transformation when I see a shape in the distance and a cool breeze breathes down on this fever and the snow begins to fall
Falling falling falling

You are the fallen snow the salve the sprinkle of heaven the one who lets the moisture in the key the key the key the key the key the key

To the boulevards

  1. Julie White says:

    You are brilliant Nicca Ray.


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