Left for Dead

by April Andres and Susan Conrad

These photographs came about from pondering what we would look like if a “Law and Order” moment happened and da-da…we were discovered dead.


Photos of “April” by Susan Conrad

Photos are shot on a rooftop, by the FDR, and in a Greenpoint, Brooklyn construction site. There is no photo retouching; what you see is what you get. We are women of a certain age unflinchingly facing the camera with all we are.


Photos of “Susan” by April Andres

Glamour shots juxtaposed with photos of having been brutalized. These images force us to examine the dichotomy that, as women, society tells us we are to be beautiful, mass media encourages us to to be sexy, and the reality that then we are punished for it: objectified, stalked, even killed and left for dead.

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