My Lady’s Slipper

by Eugene Chand

Beautiful flowers grow in your grove
But there is one I love the most
Ensconced between two limber branches
Deftly hid from lurid glances

Surrounded by soft leafy ferns
Your maiden flower makes me yearn
To touch, to smell, to taste
Its nectar sweet, its virtue chaste
It draws me in with its petals pink
I look and look and stop to think
Is it a pulsating this work of art?
Or is it beating like my heart?
Its lips open as if on cue
I see a film of glistening dew
I touch soft petal velveteen
It sends a shiver deep within

The stamen covers it like a hood
At my touch erect it stood
Enigmatic is what comes to mind
Nature copying humankind
The sepals spread like angel wings
Ready to close the opening
From nectar robbing flying things
Men are known to make a sipper
By drinking champagne
From the Lady’s Slipper

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