Blatnoy and Ant-Abuse

by Michael Graves

In russia,
From eskimo savage
To Vladimir Putin
Everyone drink.
Trucks sweep
Drunkard collect.
Bez Domy–
Mean homeless
Parazeet, refusenik,
Hooligan drunk,
Enemy people,
Beat, cuff,
Throw in drunk tank,
Give ant-abuse.
If you drink.
Algogolic like Rasputin,
Rise from death
More time than Christ–
More quick.
He not believe pill can kill
Besides he live in hell,
And wish he dead,
Or, if he afraid,
Put under tongue
Pretend swallow,
Me. too, do both.
Swig when will.
Sometime don’t bother
Come off pill
Before head back
Pour wodka
Down throat
All over Moskva.
Legs, arms, head twist.
Tongue writhe snake mouth.
Epileptic fit,
Vomit, shit.
Then, doctor, detox.
But I love booze.
Ant-abuse nothing.
Swig, chug.
Fuck judge.
“Bouz d’rov,”
“To health.”

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