No. 9

Issue no. 9, our first web issue, dedicated to
Robert Mitchell, dear friend, poet, and co-conspirator on the Linear.


Painting of Robert — Mila Dau


Cover: Painting of Robert by Mila Dau

‘Ome is Where the Art Is by Clay Patrick McBride

A Farm, In Five Senses by Robert A. Miller

Alaska after the Storm by Robert Griffith

Ashraf by Frank Banton

A Night in Belfast by Pat Morris

A Procession of Clouds (an excerpt) by Lynda Crawford

A Promise Not Kept by Winfried Strathmann

After Rumi by Judy Abrams

At Sea Level by Charles Pierre

Aunts by Renna Zimmer

Beat the Drums: Send Smoke Signals by Sheila Desmond

Beautiful Day by Donna Maria Ramirez

Best Friends by Renna Zimmer

Blatnoy and Ant-Abuse by Michael Graves

Bob’s Bag by Winfried Strathmann

Broken Angels by Lynne Shevlin

But When? by Robert Mitchell / Music by Jim Lahti

Can It Happen? by Nancy Wolitzer

Ceiling by Sarah Douglas

Chaos by Bruce Brown

Chestnut Boulevard by Judy Abrams

Childhood in the Jungles of Scarsdale by Robert Griffith

Chorale by Michael Schuval

Coins in Light by Charles Pierre

Colonel Barkschafter’s Treasure Map by Robert Mitchell and Sibyll Kalff

Corn on the Cob by Eva White

Das Ende by Dennis Leroy Kangalee

Dew by Cathy Kemelmacher

Doing Lunch by Alan Magill

Dressage by Robert Griffith

Driving through Queens by Richard Fein

Exo-me and Unmasked by Gabriella

For Pops by Baba Israel

From Bad to Verse by Eugene Chand

Grigina by Winfried Strathmann

Hastings, UK, August 1964 by Peggy Unsworth

Have You Made Your Arrangements? by Francis Levy

Here is Your Home by Robert Mitchell

House by Nancy Wolitzer

I Love Football by Kat Chua

In Arle, His Room by Michael Schuval

In Dreams by Nikki Stiller

It Just Doesn’t Matter Anymore, or Does It? by Sheila Desmond

J.R. & E.L. by Ellen LaForge

Kleig Light and Moonlight by Michael Graves

Leap by Michael Graves

Machupuchare by Patrick Geoghegan

Maturity by Adele DeWitt

My Lady’s Slipper by Eugene Chand

Now and Then by Eva White

On Love by Ralph Robertson

Orange Sunset by Deborah Matlack

Oscar in the Shadows by Renna Zimmer

Pantoum for Jien Ji by Judy Abrams

Parachute Jump by Deborah Matlack

Path by Patrick Geoghegan

Perhaps by Jon Pierson

Psychedelic Psoul by Donna Maria Ramirez

Purgatory in Modern Terms by Richard Fein

Rare Bird (detail) by Susan Conrad

Remedial by Frank Banton

Respite by Nancy Wolitzer

Robert by Lynda Crawford

Santos by Sally De Jesus

Sculpting Darkness by Adele DeWitt

Shooting Star by Janet Nolan

Shower by Sarah Douglas

Sibyll’s Notebook: Skittles by Sibyll Kalff

Sibyll’s Notebook: Trains by Sibyll Kalff

Somewhere over the South Bronx by Sally De Jesus

Spleen by Dennis Leroy Kangalee

Steep Mountain by Patrick Geoghegan

The Coffin by Adele DeWitt

Tightrope by Susan Conrad

Trapeze by Susan Conrad

True Friend by Winfried Strathmann

Untitled by Moses Hoskins

Untitled 2 by Moses Hoskins

Urban Nomad by Charles Pierre

Vermeer by Ralph Robertson

Verrazano Sunset by Deborah Matlack

War, Childhood, and Peace by Sheila Desmond

Wormery by Peggy Unsworth

Zen Blinks by Bart Plantenga

MaNHaTTaN Linear no. 9 © 2013. Individual ownership remains with the authors and artists.


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